We are a team of creators bringing a personal fashion stylist and photography together, to execute your content.

If you struggle with what to post, have a hard time picking locations to shoot or can't find outfits to wear. 

Then we can help you!

Slay-Greatly impress or amuse

Hive- A place in which people are busily occupied

How it works!

Gathering Honey 

Consultations help with getting to know you and your needs. An initial questionnaire is sent prior to gathering information for the Slay Board

The Slay (Mood) Board

The Slay Board is an interactive guide, creating concepts,  aesthetics and locations for your shoot. We offer transient service to create in your space.

Slay Day

The big Styling & Shoot day we have completed everything and we got everything we need to execute your project. It's lots of work but its worth it'

The Hive

After the shoot, we gather your favorite images and make a 30 day content calendar for you. Staying consistent in your hive is key to attracting your image. 

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