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They don't call us the  Concept Queens for no reason!


Sister duo combining design backgrounds, Fashion Stylist &  Photography, putting your image on a visual platform.

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Welcome to The Slay Hive

What direction do you see your Brand? 



You have an idea but don't know where to start! Let the concept queens design the blueprint for your Brand! We design visual concepts for your entire Brand! Templates, Lingos and Captions! 

Concept Campaigns-examples; soft openings, new product launch's, industry parties, Boss meet ups and much more!


Style & Image

You work directly with a Professional Fashion Stylist that enhances Personal & Brand Style, that will attract and grow business! Making your style it's own personal Slay!  Style Guide and Shopping links are included.

We source the best locations and high quality images for results that are attractive! Campaigning a fresh perspective!



Content is key! We guide you Step by Step on how to complete a 30 day content scheduling on social media platforms. Sit back and watch us Slay the 30 day calendar being worry free! Consistency is the buzz that keeps your audience stinging! 



How it works!

Pink Stairway


Design Process


The Slay Board


The Slay Day



Gathering Honey 

We use your Brand Identity (Logo & Colors) to design custom concepts  templates, quotes and captions, lingos to complete your visual Brand  Questionnaire is sent to gather information to build your visual platform!


The Slay Board builds an interactive guide from your Brand Identity it includes creating concepts,  aesthetics and locations for your shoot. We present this to move forward with your Slay Day

Queen Bee

The big Styling & Shoot day we have completed everything and we got everything we need to execute your project. It's lots of work but its worth it'

The Hive

After the shoot, we gather your favorite images and guide you step by step on building your 30 day content calendar and scheduling for you. Staying consistent in your hive is key!

Fashion Stylist + Photography 

Creating a Visual Platform for Brands


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